Using the power of Nature and Mindfulness together we can create a bespoke experience for Adults, Youth Groups and Education. 

"Mindfulness is the awareness that comes from paying attention in a particular way, on purpose in the present moment and non judgmentally."

Scientific Research into the benefits of being in Nature are:

Blood pressure reduces

Stress decreases

Best way to obtain Vitamin D

Improve your attention and memory

When we are outside we naturally move more.

Higher energy levels - "Nature is fuel for the soul"

You'll feel happier.

Boost your immune system.

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Mindfulness Research evidence of the benefits of Mindfulness for Children and Young People:


  • Mindfulness is acceptable and well-liked by the participants

  • Anxiety and stress reduced

  • Reactivity and behaviour declined

  • Enhanced self-esteem

  • Enhanced cognitive development and performance skills

  • Enhanced social skills

  • Reduction in negative self belief

  • Improved academic performance.........and much more.

Courses & Projects for Schools

Using either a single day or a series of half day workshops over 5 weeks using the Outdoors as a focus for  understanding, appreciation and experiencing how Mindfulness can improve and inspire wellbeing in the learning environment.


Whole Day Course

Using activities in Mindfulness and the inspiration of the Tipi this day long course is both active and thought provoking. There are plenary activities that can be developed after the day has finished to enable pupils to continue their Mindfulness journey.

Half Termly Course

This longer course using weekly half-day sessions allows for a greater insight into Mindfulness & Well Being. It uses a framework of First Nation Values creating an inspirational format for pupils. This longer course also enables students to work towards the John Muir Award.

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