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Well-Being Projects & Support

We are pleased to announce that we are able to expand our well-being projects and support that we can offer to schools and other organisations.


Growing Great Relationships 

A four week project

(one half day a week) exploring:

* Who we have relationships with in different areas of our lives.

* Good and bad actions in a relationship.

*What makes a good friend.

* Emotional intelligence and coping in tricky times.

Ages: 4-11 year olds

Number of participants: Whole class or small group.

Cost: £800

Sad on Couch

Weeding Out Worries

A four week project

(one half day a week) A programme that supports children and young people to :

* Explore their thoughts and feelings

* Discuss where our worries can come from

* Identify which worries belong to us and those that belong to others

* Explore tools to help us during those tricky times to self-regulate

Ages: Key Stage 2

Number of Participants: Whole class or small group

Cost: £850


Naturally Calm

One to Six week programme (one half day a week) supporting children and young people to find ways of calming their minds through:

* Finding their connection to Nature

* Using the sights, sounds and smells of Nature to meditate

* Creating Art in Nature from mandalas to leaf prints

* Discovering the power of 'Awe" in supporting our well-being

Ages: 4 - 11 Programme will be differentiated according to age of participants

Number of participants: Whole class or small group

Cost: £800

Can't find what you want? Then please get in touch to discuss your needs and let us work together  to create a bespoke well-being project which suits your needs by calling :

Catherine Armiger : 07885 107489      


Craig Armiger : 07930886951