Tipi Values Project.

Engagement with students and parents using the Cree Tipi Ceremony.

" This is  the   first time I have trusted him, in fact its a first for each of us"

Parent on 'Values' project at Maesglas Primary School, Newport. 

No travel costs !


Individual projects can be designed in accordance with the needs of the school.


Years 5 and 6 can use the Tipi as a huge STEM activity or teamwork exercise.

(the 18' Tipi has poles over 23' long)


Inspirational literacy or First Nation stories for early Years and KS1 and use it as a motivation for numeracy trails.


Using the Cree 'Tipi Ceremony' an engagement project to facilitate students and parents working towards personal or school values. What a great way to introduce the Health and Well Being AoLE.


The activity comes to the school site or how about coming into assembly and having the 'Wow-Factor' of a Tipi being in the Hall.



Tipi Education


15 Life Values are discussed as part of the 'Cree Tipi Pole Vaues Ceremony'.