Due to the recent developments with the Coronavirus in the UK and within Wales the latest guidelines are that it is safe to proceed again as long as precautions are taken and all risk assessments are updated and policies consider the COVID19.

We are following government and national guidelines and administering extra cleaning regimes on all equipment and having individual items where possible.

We will continue to support school staff through these difficult times, providing resources and signposting you to other websites and groups in our network.

Stay Safe, use Nature for your daily exercise and remember we will be back in the Outdoors again.



We have seen lots of amazing work being done online with fantastic dedicated staff during lockdown. What we see now is a surge in the interest and the use of the outdoors and interest in Outdoor Learning Training.

The question is, what is the next step? 


Travelling through this pandemic it has had a dramatic affect on us all, many believe that we will be different when it’s over and some can see the end maybe in sight.

There has been a great interruption in our children’s education and a massive adaption in the way that schools have had to deliver. 

It is clear :

  • We may have to work differently in the future.

  • There will be a need to support children and parents to integrate back into school communities and settle back into relationships and routines.

  • Children have had a lack of contact with Nature and the Outdoors.

  • This passage of time has had an affect on our general health and well-being as well as our mental health.


How can we help?


Outdoor Coaching UK, through its experience in working in schools helping guide young people with relationships with each other and Nature, could be one possible solution. In partnership we could explore this as an avenue for working together to assist with your journey in using Outdoor Learning as a vehicle for learning in your school.


  • Using its existing proven projects, or creating new exciting bespoke packages with individual schools, we can organise teamwork events, for children or staff, to help to re- engage peers or bring a group back together. 


  • It could be a transition that never happened or a parent and pupil community project. 


  • We can, using mindfulness in the Outdoors help calm minds in readiness for learning.


  • Connecting again with the outdoors and Nature within the ‘safety net’ of the school grounds and harnessing it to develop their health and well-being.

  • There has been in this recent period a greater realisation of the benefits of using Nature and Outdoor Learning. We can provide staff training to harness this medium to get the best from the Curriculum 2022


All of these methods can be  targeted toward fulfilling curricular outcomes, but the well-being of the pupils and staff are paramount at all times.


We are adapting activities and projects to cover current restrictions and guidelines, it may be a help to have half a group elsewhere - Outside for social distancing?. Obviously as time progresses and more information is available we can have more informed conversations.


If you would like discussions around how we can help with the ‘new normal’, then please feel free to have a chat ‘on’ or ‘off’ line and discuss some of the options on how Outdoor Coaching UK can help in these unusual circumstances.


You are not alone - keep safe. 


Contact us using the details below.